Meeting Location: LDV Cluj Napoca, Romania

5th Meeting – Assistive Technology

Meeting in Cluj

Group work summary:

Consider needs of individual and find technology to suit their requirements

Assistive technology should be a part of persons IPP plan. Which involves meeting the individual requirements of the person and assessments needs to be holistic?

Assistive Technology

  • One person from each institute should research the market for assistive technology. Technology doesn‘t always need to be high-tech solution.
  • Professionals need to assess the piece of equipment and the extent of the opportunities that it offers to meet the access needs of the person.
  • Provision of comprehensive staff training
  • Funding – possibly from Europe
  • Suggestion for column on website – for professionals in the project to look at new products – Do you know about?
  • Bank of technology – library system


Powerpoint Presentation Management of the Rehabilitation & Integration Process


Meeting in Cluj