Meeting Location: SWW, Munich, Germany

2nd Meeting – Job mediation

Discussion groups:

  • What is it?
  • Do you do it?
  • How?
  • What is the dream situation?
Meeting Munich

Group work summary:

Definition of job mediation: Is a support system that helps the client to work as independently as possible.

Further definition: A support system that enables the client to work with interdependence/and autonomy as is possible.

Identified barriers include: mobility, independent, benefit system, cost of the eymployer, social skills are a big barrier to getting a job.

  • The ideal situation: To be valued – people with MDVI to take part in valued activities
  • A recognised support system – that is clear to all stakeholders
  • A European system!
  • That there paid jobs for MDVI, create jobs for MDVI.
  • Training for job coaches

Workshop SWWThe work of sheltered workshops is moving onto private work market.

We need to identify the role of the professionals; do we need to support the employer, the student, the family or all areas?

It‘s the professionals responsibility to do guidelines for each task, e.g. breakdown of task into smaller steps.

We need to specify what elements of the job the person with MDVI can do.

We should support people with MDVI in the workplace by a specialist in MDVI

We need to make seminars that educate employers

paintingWe need to develop a similar job description for job coaches.

We need to develop IPP (where we identify strengths and weaknesses) with every client which involves transition into the workplace and is reviewed two times per year.

A practice in Germany is that MDVI students are introduces to sheltered workshops after they finished their education. After evaluation the student can choose profession or work area that they would like to pursue.

We as a group need to identify if there is better to have in the legislation of each country that employers should be obligated to hire people with disabilities.


Every day challenges of a jobcoach working with MDVIPowerpoint Presentation Job situation

Powerpoint Presentation Job Mediation in Ireland


Meeting in Munich