Blindravinnustofan ehf.


Blindravinnustofan ehf.
Hamrahlid 17
Tel: 525-0025.

contact person

Gunnar Már Andresson.
Tel: +354 840 7266

General description of the Institution

Blindravinnustofan is a workshop that marks and labels homecare-and cleaning material. We are working with blind and MDVI clients. We have 27 clients, all adults. Most of them are blind or have visual impairment, some have other disabilities and others have both visual and additional disabilities.
BVS is protected workshop with contract with the government and gets 14% of the income from that contract. The 86% we have to get by selling the product. BVS has over 50% of the homecare cleaning market in Iceland.

motivation for the participation

The goal at Blindravinnustofan is looking into new things and not staying at the same place in the future. Our involvement in the J.O.B.S is to see what Europe is doing in that matter and try to take part in making the future better for our clients and also sharing our experiences with other countries.


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