CRDV Centre de Rééducation pour Déficients Visuels


30 rue sainte-rose
63000 Clermont-Ferrand FRANCE
Tél: 04-73-31-80-00


contact person

Virginie Lambert
Chef de service
+33 619 984 279
@ :

General description of the Institution


The CRDV is a rehabilitation center for visually impaired since 1872, which extends on a localized site of 6500 m² in heart of downtown of Clermont-Ferrand, in the Auvergne region

The CRDV is authorized to receive and support:
  • 120 children and adolescents
  • 18 adults
CRDVFrom Auvergne region and surrounding areas, funded by the National Health Insurance
  • 70 children and students in « sections » (54 boarding 16 semi-boarding) with two specific orientations : associated disabilities and pre-vocationalization
  • 50 children and students in « services » : younger children are allowed at the center and are accompanied as much as possible in their respective schools


  • Executive and office : director, 5 managers, administrative staff, reception, social worker
  • Pedagogic staff: 15 teachers certified to teach the blind and visually impaired, 4 trainers, 5 transcribers
  • Educational staff : 15 educators, 7 monitors, 1 technical educator, 4 night supervisors and 3 housewives.
  • Medical, rehabilitation and paramedical staff : ophtalmologist, pediatrist, nurse, 9 orthoptists, therapists in functional vision, locomotion, daily activities and ergotherapists, 1 psychologist, 2 psychomotors, 1 orthophonist
  • Logistical staff : cooking, maintenance workers, cleaning

Early education of children with visual impairments:

  • The SAFEP : a family support and early education of chidren with visual impairments
  • 16 children from birth to 3 years old
  • About 15 professionals : ophtalmologist, orthoptists, educators in systemic analysis, therapists in functional vision, locomotion, daily activities, psychologist, psychomotor, etc…


  • A readaptation and training center
  • A unit for detection and diagnosis of visual impairment
  • A unit for visually impaired at work or in job search or in retraining : orthoptics, functional vision, ergonomics, software adaptations, psychological support, etc …
We provide:
  • 4 training cycles
    • Reception and information agent (15 months, level V)
    • Secretary assistant (11 months, level IV)
    • Software developer (15 months, level III)
    • Well being practitioner ( 42 weeks, level IV)
    • A medical, psychological, social support during the sessions


motivation for the participation in j.o.b.s. MDVI

CRDV provides education, rehabilitation and training for the visually impaired with or without multi disabilities.
Our motivation is first of all a sharing experience to learn from our European order to develop knowledge and expertise regarding MDVI.