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General description of the Institution

Keskuspuisto Vocational College is maintained by ORTON Foundation as an upper secondary vocational special education institution and development centre for special needs education. Most students have educational needs related different types of disabilities (visual impairment; hearing impairment; intellectual disabilities; autism; mental health problems etc.) or being new immigrants to Finland.

The College headquarters is located in the Ruskeasuo district of Helsinki and operates 16 additional learning units in the Greater Helsinki area and Province of Southern Finland. Over 1000 students participate annually in upper secondary education and adult vocational education and training.


The College is focused on the following educational tasks:

  • to provide vocational special education and preparatory and rehabilitative training and guidance for students with special needs.
  • to provide education and training leading to a vocational upper secondary qualification in 18 different study programmes
  • to provide preparatory education for new immigrants to Finland.
  • to provide adult education
  • to serve as a development and service centre for special needs education.
Learning difficulties or disabilities are not a barrier to vocational studies. We provide each student an Individual Education Plan (IEP), flexible curriculum, low instructor/teacher-to-student ratio in the classroom and small study groups to facilitate learning. All the courses are designed to meet our students´ individual needs.

KPAOInnovative and varied teaching and working methods together with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for various study fields ensure that our students obtain up-to-date skills and competences that are competitive in today´s working life.

Our goal is to equip Keskuspuisto Vocational College graduates with individually-tailored vocational skills, the desire for life-long learning, and ability to integrate into society as empowered, active members.

In all our study programmes we follow the National Curricula which can be adapted according to the students´ capabilities.

Training preparing students for work and independent living (Preparatory Training II), 40-120 credits

Preparatory II training is intended to provide each individual student with the knowledge and skills they need for job placement and working life, as well as the ability to cope with everyday life and work situations.

motivation for the participation

  • to send best professionals to the meetings so they can contribute the knowledge we have in our future European MDVI guidelines
  • to develope together new solutions to provide mdvi students with the knowledge and skills they need for job placement and working life


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