Budapest School for the Blind

Kindergarden, Primary School, Vocational Training School, Resource Center, Boarding School and Children’s Home for the Blind


Budapest School for the BlindBudapest School for the Blind
Ajtósi Dürer sor 39
1146 Budapest, HUNGARY
Phone number: +36-1+383-1045
Fax number: +36-1-363-1906
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contact persons

Krisztina Katona, supervisor for the MDVI program, +36-30-388-1890

Mónika Tóth, supervisor for the DB program, +36-30-207-7580

General description of the Institution

Budpaest School for the BlindThe Budapest School for the Blind is the only state school in Hungary providing services for blind from the age of 3-24 reaching towards the whole country. It has a kindergarten, a primary school, a special vocational training school, a resource center, a boarding school for the students from the countryside and also children's home for the children under state care.

At least 50 percent of the student population has additional needs besides the visual impairment. There is a school program for MDVI children and a separate program for deaf-blind students.

The leadership and the staff of the institution have a strong concern for the future of the MDVI youngsters leaving the school. At present there is not many decent places for them to go, where they can have a meaningful adult life with work, social activities encouraging them to use their skills for everyday situations.

This project helps the school to exchange and also to gather experiences and up-to-date information with other European partners about the work situation with MDVI. In the frame of the project one of our goals to start to adapt our curriculums to help the MDVI individuals to be prepared in a more adequate way for the adult life and we also plan to foster a future day-care center with a sheltered workplace for the above mentioned population.

motivation for the participation in j.o.b.s. MDVI

The Budapest School for the Blind is one of the project partners. In any case of change the Hungarian partner is ready to organise any project meetings and activities and also offers to be a substitute host country.


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