Vision Europe Limited


Vision Europe Limited
Holywell Road
CH7 5UK, United Kingdom

John HarrisPhone Numbers: +44 1352 720000/+44 7774 976827

contact person

John Harris
Phone Numbers: +44 1352 720000/+44 7774 976827

General description of the Institution

Vision Europe Limited is an SME based in North Wales, UK. Its focus is the education and empowerment of people with disabilities to enable them to lead their own lives with the maximum degree of independence and autonomy. This mission is implemented through the development, partnership, management and evaluation of projects within the EU and, for example, Africa, and includes the coordination of transnational professional and user-based networks.

motivation for the participation in j.o.b.s. MDVI

30 years experience of involvement as a practitioner in the development of employment and valued activities for people with severe, multiple and complex disabilities.