Meeting Location: IBOS, Copenhagen, Denmark

4th Meeting – Social skills

Suggestion: Change wording from Training social skills, to Developing social skills.

Meeting in Copenhagen

Definition of social skills: How to interpret and interact with other people in your surroundings

An important question: how do we fit into the MDVI community or do we expect them to fit into our community; we might be able to learn from them. Recognition that we all need some basic skills to fit in.

How long how long throughout MDVI person’s life would we consider developing social skills?


Sharing social skills, the environment is an important part of this. Sensitive responsiveness (action and reaction) is important to understand by staff supporting people with MDVI. More appropriate for staff delivering training to people with MDVI to have a high level of interpersonal skills and sensitivity. Experiences need to be positive.

Recognised the child needs certain social skills to prepare them for later life (understanding of body language, facial expressions).

Families have an important role to play in partnership with the institute or organisation; Families need to be involved, from the beginning of childhood.

We need role models to help the person with MDVI to understand how they fit into the local community.

workTeach them to work in groups and to sustain friendships

Creating environments to protect themselves, to overcome social awkwardness, to ensure sexual encounters where appropriate can happen.

Look at model of sensitivity responsiveness (from Netherland), suggesting that training can be given for staff to become better enabled in this area.


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Powerpoint Presentation Social Skills - Friendship - Resilience


Meeting in Copenhagen