Meeting Location: CRDV Clermont Ferrand, France

3rd Meeting – Valued activities

Discussion groups:

  • What is it?
  • Do you do it?
  • How?
  • What would be the dream situation?
meeting in Clermont

Agreement by group of a valued activity: A valued activity is active participation being part of a context in relating to other people/society/community

Barriers to participating in valued activity: Lack of social interaction, teaching staff compensatory skills, practical daily living and mobility and orientation skills

Valued ActivitiesWe need to recognize strengths of the MDVI person.

A suggestion to approach the matter: to think about meeting the needs of the individual, to use task analysis, observation and assessment of positive behavior, and a happiness scale?

Person with MDVI needs to have ownership of the participation, enabling the participant to take part and the activity needs to have a meaning.

The need to feel that the task is contributing something to society.

There needs to be a goal with the activity and ongoing evaluation and adaptation of goals to meet needs of client.

Maximizing the person’s ability to interact with others. This could be any activity e.g. horse riding.

Working with families – supporting them to find acceptance of their child in the earlier years of their life.


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